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History of the Valentino Rossi Fan Club

People from Tavullia have always had a strong passion for motorsports. Led by “Checco” (Flavio’s father) they reached most of the Italian and European circuits to follow the deeds of the great riders of the ‘70s. It was probably at that time that the roots of the Official Fan Club started to grow. Before Valentino began to ride in the world championship, he was already supported by a group of people from Tavullia headed by Cesarino, the current president of the Fan Club and Uccio’s father. They started to follow Valentino since the Italian and European championships pushed by a strong passion for the races and by a deep sense of friendship. It is this group which represents the core of the Fan Club. At the begging they were called “Supporters Tavullia” and they soon started to add fun to their trips with jokes and gags. Then, they began to print the first T-shirts and to wave the first yellow flags and from the laughs the ideas of the sketches started to take shape supported by Valentino himself who, thanks to his natural communicative skills, is able to translate these ideas into reality.



The “yellow group”, yellow like the sun, starting from the Rivazza hill in Imola and from The Casanova-Savelli in Mugello became bigger and bigger and able to follow Valentino all over the world in order to support him and share with him his joys and his fears. Then Valentino grew up and with him the Suppoeters Tavullia as well. In 1997 they decide to establish the “Official Fan Club Valentino Rossi Tavullia” keeping always in mind the real mood of the group based on friendship, loyalty, laughs and solidarity. During these years the Fan Club has always cared about less lucky people. Aware of how much joy a shirt or a cap signed by Valentino can bring, the Fan Club has been visiting several hospitals in order to offer to ill children a bit of “yellow joy”.
The members of the Club are more than 6000 every year and they are from all over the world. Not just Italian people but also French, German, Spanish, Swiss, Dutch, Australian, Cuban, Russian, Japanese, Siberian, Ethiopian… Those who sign up for the Fan Club become part of a big family and they show their fondness for Valentino by renewing their membership every year.